Alternating Every 1:30 for 15:00 of:

Even – 3 Hang Cleans (just above the knee) + 1 Jerk – beginning @ 60% of 1RM and working up to a moderately heavy load (but not max)

Odd – 12 Bar Facing Burpees

Note: This begins @ 0:00, therefore there will be 6 sets of Clean & Jerks and 5 sets of BFB. The CJ complex is performed like it reads – 3 cleans first, then 1 jerk finishes the complex. Just like yesterday, the goal here is a little less thinking, and a little more classic CF “exertion” lifting. The idea is that the athletes will do something more natural when they are warm and not overthinking each lift. Make sure they understand there needs to be enough load on the bar to be challenging, but not to encourage bad lifting.


1a) 4X40 seconds ME 1&1/4 Front Squats @ 75% of 3RM (yes, full max effort at percentage load), rest 60 seconds


1b) 4X1:00 HSPU – the goal is for athletes to do these strict with bands recommended as a scale or kipping (kipping is allowed this week, but if the athlete can go strict this is the recommendation) – rest 60 seconds


3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
20 DB Snatches (alternating) 50/35#
20 TTB

*15:00 time cap.

Rx +

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
30 DB Snatches (alternating) 50/35#
30 TTB

*15:00 time cap