WOD : Snatch + OHS (1 x 1)
Saturday 190511
15-Min to Establish:
1 Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats*Note: Continued work on the overhead position. Athletes should know that their OHS should be WAY heavier than their Snatch, but for those who struggle catching the bar low this will give them full ROM practice as well.

WOD : Metcon (Time)
Partner WOD
5 Rounds
15 Calorie Row
15 Wall Balls @ 20 lb – 10 ft / 14 lb – 9 ft
15 Ground to Overhead @ 95 lb / 65 lb*Instructions: Partner A begins on the rower, once they’re done with the 15 Cals they move to Wall Balls, and m rowing partner B begins to row. Same sequence from B to C, and then throughout the workout. Partners must wait to start the next station until the partner in front of them had finished all reps. The team is done when Partner C finished the 5th set of Ground to Overhead.