World Class Facilites

Both of our facilities are outfitted in 5,000 square foot spaces with the best CrossFit and Weightlifting equipment in the world!

Expert Trainers

All of our Coaches have earned either a level one or level two CrossFit Coach Certification in addition to passing our in-house Instructor/Trainer program.


We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a positive, supportive, and fun loving fitness family regardless of what your fitness goals are.


Crossfit, at its core, embodies the performance of “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.” Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on optimizing an individual’s ability to perform any and all physical tasks (from carrying groceries to climbing mountains) by utilizing the 10 recognized fitness domains:

 •Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance

No! The best place to get in shape can be found right here with us! Anybody that has a body can start at Crossfit Sua Sponte. There is a common misconception that Crossfit is only for the elite athlete and that you must get in shape to step into a Crossfit gym. You’ll find a very diverse community when you walk through our doors. Our programming offers challenging workouts for every individual, from life long athlete to someone who has never exercised.  Every movement we do in Crossfit has a specific modification that can be tailored to the need of each individual, making it accessible to all!

What you do need for Crossfit is a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard, and passion to be coached and learn new things!

For starters, you will experience a fantastic workout! Second, we believe it is important for every new member to be immersed in the class setting and community from day one, even if you have never done Crossfit before. You will be assigned a coach or “WOD buddy”  who’s responsibility it is to explain the lingo, walk you through every movement and lift , and ensure your safety. We go at your pace and take all the steps to instruct you on all the foundational movements, while still experiencing the exciting and fun class based setting!

We understand Crossfit represents an investment.  However, it embodies an investment in a very special finite resource: YOU. Your health and the longevity and quality of your life form the best investment you can make. At Crossfit Sua Sponte we don’t take that lightly. When you make the investment in your health with us, we are fully invested in you!

At Crossfit Sua Sponte we stand by “Excellence in Movement, Excellence in Community.” Our superb staff takes extreme care in ensuring you receive expert instruction in all the movements you see in our sport. Their abilities, knowledge base, and level of care for each of our members extends well beyond anything you would find in a “globo gym.” We make sure you aren’t just another face in the crowd. Above anything Crossfit is fun! You will make friends, you will laugh, and you will keep coming back for more!

Is a very common theme we hear. Many people see elite Crossfit athletes on TV and think that’s what all Crossfitters look like. It takes a lot of time and concerted  effort, especially for women, to “get big.”  To put mass on, like the elite, you must be lifting very heavy weights everyday and eating an extremely high caloric diet. Our programming and community focuses on Improving overall health, performance, and functionality and we do encourage our members to eat healthy, whole food diets.  As a result, you will build LEAN muscle mass and your body will experience a faster metabolism and an increased ability to burn fat; resulting in an overall improved body composition and a healthier more functional you!

Here at Crossfit Sua Sponte we remain 100% dedicated to propagating excellence in movement and technique in all the exercises and lifts utulized in our program. Not only does this greatly reduce any chance of injury while training with us, it also builds the proper body mechanics and strenght through the functional ranges of motion that will help keep you safe and injury free throughout all of your daily activities and whatever else life may throw at you!

In addtion ito excellence in movement, we also precisley calculate the intensity and volume of each workout to ensure that you are training at the perfect level for ensuring optimal functinality and quality of life!



  • Includes Membership
  • Access To All Gym Facilities
  • Drop-in Classes $25 (minimum 5)


  • Includes Bronze Membership +
  • Access To All Gym Facilities
  • Seminar & Event Discount | 10%
  • Family Member Discount | 10%
  • Drop-in Classes $22.50 (minimum of 5)


  • Includes Silver Membership +
  • Access To All Gym Facilities
  • Seminar & Event Discount | 15%
  • Family Member Discount | 15%


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. Our experts take great pride in helping achieve your goals.

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